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Christopher C. Nieto, Esq. is an experienced trial attorney that concentrates his law practice primarily in federal criminal defense, serious state criminal cases and various immigration issues. He has tried cases in federal and state court for more than 10 years.

He has substantial experience in high-profile cases involving extensive electronic surveillance in both federal and state wiretaps. Mr. Nieto has been able to obtain criminal acquittals in both federal and state courts for clients charged with a variety of crimes: drug distribution, felony gun possession, armed robbery and felony assaults. In many of these cases, his clients faced either a lengthy or a mandatory prison sentence for their alleged crimes. It was Mr. Nieto’s hard-work and persistence that directly led to their exoneration and dismissal of charges.

In a variety of other cases, Mr. Nieto has successfully obtained minimum or probationary sentences well beneath the applicable sentencing guidelines. He approaches each case with an unparalleled vigor and determination that serves his clients well. He takes the time to speak with people who know his clients best: friends, family, parishioners and members of the community. He eloquently ensures that the presiding judge is well-versed in the circumstances that make his client special and deserving of a better sentence. Mr. Nieto works tirelessly with his clients to develop the necessary mitigation required to achieve successful results and executes his presentation with success.

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Mr. Nieto also focuses on representing undocumented immigrants so they can better achieve their American dreams. From representing individuals who came to this country to provide a better life for their family to those that just want to work, Mr. Nieto offers experienced counsel to clients who are threatened with deportation and various other immigration issues.

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“ Mr. Nieto is fairly priced, knowledgeable, and supportive. He spoke in layman's terms and was clear in expectations. For someone who has never needed a lawyer he made a difficult situation manageable.
John Doe | Baltimore, MD