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The Law Office of Christopher C. Nieto provides high-quality and personalized legal representation for individuals accused of felonies and misdemeanors in both the federal and state systems. This Office serves clients in Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Carroll County, Howard County, Anne Arundel County, Harford County and Washington, DC.

01 Firearm Offenses

The United States Constitution provides the right to bear arms... Learn More

02 Sex Offenses/Child Pornography

Sex offenses are treated harshly and often without consideration of any mitigating factors... Learn More

03 Drug Possession/Distribution

There are a wide range of criminal drug offenses for which one may be prosecuted... Learn More

04 Traffic/DUI/DWI

The charges of DWI or DUI are two of the most common with stiff penalties... Learn More

05 VOP/VOSR/Sentencing Mitigation

Probation is a common sentence in which the accused avoid the imposition of a jail sentence... Learn More

06 Crimes of Violence

If someone is charged with a violent offense they will require the best of attorneys... Learn More

07 Immigration

The U.S. immigration system is confusing and very difficult to navigate without assistance... Learn More

Firearm Offenses

Maryland Circuit Court and DC Superior Court Charges

The United States Constitution provides the right to bear arms, but there are stringent laws in both Maryland and Washington, DC that are imposed to control that right. Most prosecutors have little discretion in dismissing or resolving a gun case favorably because their offices perceive those who possess guns to automatically be a danger to the community. This can lead to overzealous prosecutions and the need to defend yourself at trial with the risk of jail looming over your head. In cases such as these, you will need a fearless attorney that will fight tirelessly on your behalf to expose these prosecutorial prejudices and the flaws in the government’s case. You will need a lawyer that will not seek out a plea bargain without exhausting every possible avenue of investigation and research on your behalf. You will need The Law Office of Christopher C. Nieto.

Mr.Nieto is skilled at reviewing all the evidence and determining the best defense for each individual client. Whether it is a legal or a factual defense, Mr. Nieto will leave nothing to chance as he exhausts all possible options for his clients. If you want a lawyer that will fight tirelessly for you and put you in the best position for success, contact The Law Office of Christopher C. Nieto.

Federal Charges

Federal gun prosecutions can devastate and destroy individuals and their families who are charged with firearm possession. Ordinarily, the maximum penalty for such an offense is ten years. However, if the accused has been convicted of three or more serious drug offenses, such as Conspiracy, Distribution and Possession with Intent to Distribute, or crimes of violence, such as burglary and assault, that person is considered an Armed Career Criminal. If you qualify for such a classification, a federal conviction for felony gun possession carries a mandatory minimum sentence of fifteen years without parole. This unjust and drastic sentencing structure is non-negotiable and represents the lowest sentence a defendant can receive even after a plea. With such serious consequences, those who are charged with a federal gun offense require an attorney that fully understands the inner workings of such a charge and how to best defend against it.

Mr. Nieto has a great amount of experience handling federal gun offenses. He has successfully challenged prior criminal convictions to avoid a mandatory minimum sentence for his client. He was lead counsel in a federal jury trial in which the client received a lesser sentence than that which was offered in the plea agreement. Most recently, Mr. Nieto successfully litigated a Franks motion in which he challenged the legitimacy of a search warrant used to find a gun in his client’s house. After a two-day hearing, Mr. Nieto convinced a federal judge that the search warrant was faulty and that all evidence of the gun should be suppressed. Rather than spend, at a minimum, the next decade and a half away from his wife and infant daughter, this client returned home and was able to celebrate his daughter’s second birthday with his family.

If you want a lawyer that will fight tirelessly for you and your family, contact the Law Office of Christopher C. Nieto.


Drug Possession / Distribution

Maryland Circuit Court and DC Superior Court Charges

There are a wide range of criminal drug offenses for which one may be prosecuted in Washington, DC and the state of Maryland. From first time drug possession to more serious felony drug offenses, such as conspiracy or distribution, you will need an attorney who will utilize vigorous defense strategies and achieve an appropriate result. The Law Office of Christopher C. Nieto will examine every aspect of your arrest and find the best possible defense for your case. Mr. Nieto will investigate all possible legal defenses, such as illegal searches and seizures or violations of your Miranda rights, while also exposing the flaws in the government’s case. He is a qualified drug attorney that will explore every option to protect your rights and obtain the best possible resolution for your case.

Christopher C. Nieto has litigated over fifty bench and jury trials in Baltimore and the surrounding counties. He has successfully procured “Not Guilty” verdicts and dismissals in both Circuit and District Court, for both misdemeanors and felony drug offenses alike. Through his dedication to the client and his innovate approach to crime scene investigation and trial preparation, Mr. Nieto has saved many clients from lengthy jail sentences on both their substantive charges as well as the sentences they were facing on probation or parole.

If you want an attorney that understands the intricacies of an effective defense to misdemeanor and felony drug charges, contactthe Law Office of Christopher C. Nieto.

Federal Charges

Federal drug charges are very different from Maryland State and DC Superior Court drug charges. The penalties are extreme, and oftentimes mandatory minimum sentences are involved. It is important to know that just because an attorney is experienced in the state court system, that attorney may not be your best choice for United States Federal Court. A good federal drug defense lawyer must have a strong command of the law, a deep understanding of what constitutes a “Career Offender,” and experience with the relevant laws and the US Sentencing Guidelines. A good federal defense attorney must know how to procure a fair plea agreement for the client and when it is necessary to proceed to trial. If you are facing federal drug charges, you need am excellent federal drug defense lawyer who will provide you with the best defense in the U.S. District Courts of Baltimore, Greenbelt and Washington, DC.

Christopher C. Nieto, as both a private attorney and as a former Assistant Federal Public Defender for the District of Maryland, has defended a myriad of clients in various drug cases and has successfully achieved dismissals prior to trial. In one victory, he litigated a motion to suppress in which Baltimore City Police conducted a faulty traffic stop that resulted in the recovery of over 700 pieces of heroin. Through extensive investigation and tireless work ethic, he was able to convince a federal judge that the traffic stop was illegal and the drugs must be suppressed. His client, a man who was facing mandatory life sentence for this federal offense in addition to forty years for a violation of probation in Baltimore City, was reunited with his wife within a week.

If you want a strong and impassioned attorney who will advocate for your rights and fight your federal drug charges, contact The Law Office of Christopher C. Nieto.

Sex Offenses / Child Pornography

Although one of the most basic tenets of the criminal justice system states that everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty, an individual charged with a sex offense is often emblazoned guilty before the evidence has even been presented. Sex offenses are treated harshly and often without consideration of any mitigating factors or information that is important in developing the correct perception of the case. There are steep penalties for such crimes, and most judges are merciless when a defendant accused of this type of case enters the courtroom. Defending such an offense is not for the faint of heart or spirit; there are difficult questions to be asked, uncomfortable investigations to be conducted and fearless actions to be taken. The Law Office of Christopher C. Nieto defends sexual offenses thoughtfully, aggressively and always with the best interests of the client in mind.

Allegations of possession, production or distribution of child pornography (CP) are treated just as harshly. If you are a suspect in a child pornography investigation, there are various options available to you that can only be explored before you are criminally charged by a savvy and comprehensive defense attorney. Often, these offenses carry mandatory minimum sentences, and work needs to be done before the government embeds themselves into a certain theory of the case. Additionally, these cases often involve a great deal of forensic analysis and examination. The Law Office of Christopher C. Nieto is well-versed in how to defend their clients both before and after charges have been filed. Mr. Nieto has been lead counsel on numerous CP cases in federal court, each time exhausting all possible defenses with the assistance of capable forensic and computer experts and developing extensive mitigation that resulted in favorable results.

If you find yourself being qupestioned, investigated or charged with any criminal offense, contact the Law Office of Christopher C. Nieto immediately so your interests are protected.

Traffic / DUI / DWI

While some criminal offenses may be lesser-known to many residents of Maryland or Washington, DC, the charges of Driving while Impaired (DWI) or Driving Under the Influence (DUI) are two of the most common. However, many people do not realize the stiff penalties that can accompany these traffic offenses. If you are caught operating a vehicle after drinking alcohol, driving without a license or driving on a suspended license, these offenses can result in an increase of your insurance rates, loss of your driver’s license or even a jail sentence. It is important to have a knowledgeable attorney, one who is experienced in defending against such traffic crimes, to ensure that you are protected against these penalties.

The Law Office of Christopher C. Nieto has been handling traffic, DUI and DWI cases for almost a decade. Mr. Nieto is adept at reviewing the circumstances surrounding the arrest and challenging the government to prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt. Mr. Nieto investigates whether there was a lawful traffic stop, whether all evidence recovered pursuant to that stop should be suppressed and whether the breathalyzer and field-sobriety tests were administered properly. He advises his clients well in advance of trial to partake in alcohol education or treatment programs, if necessary, as a means of mitigating their actions and develops the necessary mitigation to convince the sentencing judge that a lenient sentence is an appropriate one.

If you have been arrested or received a citation for a traffic or DUI/DWI offense, contact The Law Office of Christopher C. Nieto.t your federal drug charges, contact The Law Office of Christopher C. Nieto.


VOP / VOSR / Sentencing Mitigation

In the state system, probation is a common sentence in which the accused avoid the imposition of a jail sentence in exchange for a period of supervision. However, just because a defendant has avoided incarceration by receiving probation does not mean that the probation sentence will be easy. Probation officers are unsympathetic to the issues that plague many people on probation and are often willing to request an arrest warrant for even the smallest violation of probation (VOP). If they do, the judge to whom the defendant is on probation will be upset that they have returned to their courtroom and likely to impose a harsh penalty for the alleged infraction. A defendant will be facing the potential for months or years in jail, a sentence that usually well exceeds the value of the original case. The sentencing judge will not hesitate to impose the balance of the sentence if a defendant is represented by an unprepared and unimpressive attorney.

In the federal system, almost every defendant who is sentenced for a crime will be on supervised release upon the completion of their sentence. Unlike the state system, where a defendant knows exactly how much time they are backing up, the possible sentences at a violation of supervised release (VOSR) depends on the type of violation and the defendant’s criminal history. The federal courts often will send the accused back to federal prison for technical or seemingly insignificant infractions. It is rare that a defendant is “continued” on supervised release without some jail sentence being imposed as a punishment for the violation. Although it is very important to have a capable defense attorney for a state VOP, it is even more imperative that you have an informed and excellent attorney who knows how to handle VOSRs in federal court.

The Law Office of Christopher C. Nieto can protect your future and provide the Court with various sentencing options that do not require jail time. The client deserves an aggressive defense, one that will attack the allegations when appropriate and convince the Court for leniency and compassion. This Office can provide just the right balance of protection and persuasion.

If you find yourself returning to court to face VOP or VOSR charges, make sure you approach the trial table with the Law Office of Christopher C. Nieto on your side.

Crimes of Violence

If someone is charged with a violent offense such as murder, assault, robbery, carjacking, kidnapping or burglary, they will require the best of attorneys to ensure that they are superbly represented in all aspects of the case. Charges such as these have long-lasting effects on their lives. Police and prosecutors vigorously pursue these types of cases because they almost exclusively involve harm to citizens in the community. If convicted, there is a good chance that the accused will spend the majority, if the not the entirety, of his or her life behind bars. Unfortunately, even if they are acquitted, those who are accused are regrettably branded forever as a danger to the community and someone from whom society needs to be protected. Of all the charges someone could face, this type is the most serious. If you are charged or suspected of committing one of these offenses, you will need the Law Office of Christopher C. Nieto.

You will need an attorney that understands how to investigate and defend against suspect eyewitness identifications, DNA and other complicated forensic issues, cooperators and co-conspirator testimony, as well as overly aggressive investigative tactics by the government. You will need an excellent and equally aggressive defense attorney to challenge every aspect of the government’s case. When your life literally hangs in the balance of the scales of justice, you need someone who will fight tirelessly on your behalf and vigorously defend your innocence. The Law Office of Christopher C. Nieto will provide you superb legal counsel and will help you navigate through these perilous prosecutions.


The U.S. immigration system is confusing and very difficult to navigate without the assistance of counsel who practices in that particular field of law. The Law Office of Christopher C. Nieto understands the complexities of immigration law. Through our family based petition practice, we carefully study each client’s cases to determine which petition is best suited for that client’s needs. As part of the removal defense practice, we take pride in our ability to research, brief, and argue the complex intricacies of immigration law. We thrive on taking the extra step for our clients.

Employment Based Nonimmigrant Visas

Generally, when an individual wants to work in the United States, he will petition for an employment based nonimmigrant status and apply for an employment based nonimmigrant visa. There are many employment based nonimmigrant categories available to individuals depending on the position to be held and the company for whom you will work. The Law Office of Christopher C. Nieto has experience assisting clients with nonimmigrant petitions, as well as a variety of other employment based nonimmigrant petitions including but not limited to the O-1, P, E-1/E-2, R, and TN.

Family Based Immigration

United States Citizens and Lawful Permanent Residents are able to petition for certain classes of family members. Regrettably, the number of visas available to family members is limited, and there can be long waits depending on the category under which you fall. Certain individuals are eligible for employment authorization and travel documents while their applications are pending. If you have a family member you would like to sponsor or would like to be sponsored by a family member, please contact the Law Office of Christopher C. Nieto, and we can provide a more detailed explanation of the process and requirements.


Individuals who fear persecution in their home country who are able to demonstrate that the fear is based on their race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion can apply for asylum in the United States. Individuals can file this application with USCIS or immigration court to avoid removal or deportation. In order to qualify for Asylum, you must file your application within one year of the date you arrive in the United States. If you did not file your application within the first year, you may still be eligible for relief but more difficult standards are applied in these types of cases. If you feel you may qualify for asylum, withholding of removal, or other relief, contact the Law Office of Christopher C. Nieto so we may assist you with the preparation of your application.

Immigration Court

When individuals are found to be removable from the United States because they do not have authorization to be in the United States legally, they are placed in removal or deportation proceedings. Individuals are given a Notice to Appear in Immigration Court which will list the reasons the government would like them to leave the United States. The Law Office of Christopher C. Nieto can assist individuals who are detained with securing bond or having their bond lowered if they have received a Notice to Appear. In addition, we can help individuals and family members determine if there are avenues for relief available that would allow and individual facing deportation to remain in the United States.

Citizenship and Waivers

Individuals can become citizens of the United State by either birth or naturalization. To qualify for naturalization an individual must be a continuous resident of the United States for three years. Individuals who are married to United States Citizens must only be continuous residents for three years so long as they live with their United States Citizen spouse for those three years.

In addition to assisting clients with standard petitions and applications, The Law Office of Christopher C. Nieto also provide services to individuals who may be subject to inadmissibility or are unable to change their status. Often, these individuals may have committed a crime, have a health problem or have been in the United States without any legal status. This Office has extensive experience working with our clients to prepare and file waivers that will allow them to enter the United States or change their status despite these problems.